Pet friendly, smoke-free home. Meeting local to Altoona, Umatilla, and Eustis (depending upon day and time), also meeting at Renninger s on Saturday or Sunday from about 80 until approximately 4:00. If it rains, I arrive later or leave earlier. Possibly meeting at BPA on Thursdays from about 40 until dark, but please ask first. Also meeting by proxy (Diana Burgess Jillson) every other Wednesday...
A busy Day Spa has a LMT position avalable. You will be provided with a client list with opertunity to add to list. Fleable working days and hours. Ad number: #443052005 Contact: Beth Phone: 3524090654 City: Lady Lake Zip: 32159 Price: 70% commission
Touch for Health reference chart, 28x39, International Institute of Reflexology Foot chart, 33x31, Neurolink rapid reference, Stretching 1-16, Stretching 2, 17-32, 36x24, The perfect abdominal workout, 36x18
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Cardiovascular Associates of Lake County provide treatment for Cardiovascular disease, Chest pain (angina), Congestive heart failure, Coronary artery disease, Arrhythmia and atrial fibrillation, Stroke, Cardiac catheterization, Echocardiography, PET scan, Nuclear medicine, pacemakers, Stents, Steps to quit smoking and reduce blood pressure. For more detail-
At CVA, we use today’s state-of-the-art testing methods - Echocardiography, SPECT nuclear stress testing, PET scan, Catheterization and angiography, Heart disease and valvular assessment, Peripheral angiography and interventions and many more. For more detail-